Host A Bin Today!
Host A Bin Today!

Benefits Of Hosting A Bin

Hosting a bin is a great way to support your community, local economy and share your commitment to sustainability with your customers and neighbors.

  • Clothing & textile recycling encourages the development of additional markets.
  • Clothing & textile recycling results in less pollution and energy savings.
  • Savings on energy consumption when processing.
  • Less effluent.

  • Clothing & textile recycling reduces the need for landfill space.
  • Clothing & textile recycling reduces pressure on virgin resources.
  • Reduction of demand for dyes and fixing agents.

Who We Serve

5 Sq ft Program



Stand Alone Business

Shopping Center

On Demand Pick-up

How We Serve


As a national recycling company, founded on the belief that waste has value. Our mission is to help our community and other businesses recycle more and landfill less.


To provide honest and reliable recycling services, efficient operations and win-win relationship. 


We have a long record of quality maintenance routines to keep our bin  locations free of trash and respond to maintenance requests within 24 hours.

Why Us


Ready to take it a step further? Let’s start talking about how you can turn textiles into your passive income and help the environment by hosting a Drop-off Bin. 

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